Old couple walk out scratchless from the rollover [Video]

Accidents are very common on Indian roads but it is rare to walk out of one without a scratch. This old-age couple from Noida, Uttar Pradesh were travelling in their Tata Tiago. The car turned over and both of them walked out of the accident without a scratch.

The incident happened during the day. While the details of how the car flipped and rested on its roof remain unknown, both of the passengers are perfectly fine and came out of the car without any injury.

The video footage of the car after the accident shows that the vehicle is resting on its roof. Both the passengers are sitting outside the car. There are no major damages to the vehicle that we can see in the video. Even though the car is resting on its roof, the pillars do not bend and show any sign of collapsing.

Car flipping to rest on its roof is not a common thing for the hatchbacks. It is highly likely that the car hit something at a decent speed to lose control and turn over its roof. The video also shows that the airbags of the Tata Tiago deployed to save the passengers from further impact as well.

The Tata Tiago is considered the safest car in its segment, earning a four-star safety rating according to Global NCAP. However, it is worth noting that the footwell and the structure of the vehicle have been rated as unstable.

Tata Motors has built a strong reputation for safety in India, with many of their models receiving high safety ratings. Alongside the Tiago and Tigor, which both have four-star ratings, the Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon have achieved the highest possible five-star safety ratings. Recently, Tata Motors also unveiled the new Safari and Harrier, both of which received a perfect five-star rating from GNCAP.

Slow down

To ensure safety on Indian roads, it is crucial to always adhere to the speed limits. Even when the roads appear empty, there is a possibility of encountering jaywalkers, stray animals, or wandering cattle. These road users can be highly unpredictable, and it is important to exercise caution. If any animal or cattle is spotted on the road, it is safest to reduce speed. Animals often change their direction abruptly, and slowing down gives you more time to react.

Additionally, it is important to maintain a reduced speed while passing through populated areas along the highways. Many Indian highways intersect major cities, making them potential hotspots for such incidents. Local residents and villagers may allow their cattle and livestock to wander onto the highway, increasing the risk of collisions with vehicles. Slowing down in these areas can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of both drivers and the animals.

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