China stock regulator vows to stabilize China’s capital market

China’s securities regulator pledged unwavering dedication to ensuring the stability of the capital market and optimizing its pivotal role as a financial hub, its chairman said in an interview with Xinhua on Monday.

The capital market “has unique advantages in serving the real economy,” said Yi Huiman, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), adding that with highly transparent information and sensitive price signals, the capital market is an important channel for resource allocation and policy transmission.

Yi emphasized the necessity for the comprehensive reinforcement of financial regulations to effectively prevent and mitigate financial risks, which will guarantee the high-quality development of finance.

In pursuit of capital market stability, the CSRC is intensifying surveillance of stock market activities and fund flows, with Yi stating that a robust risk assessment and early warning mechanism will be implemented. 

Additionally, measures will be implemented to strengthen anti-fraud efforts, refining a comprehensive accountability system to combat fraudulent issuances, financial misrepresentations, and market manipulation, according to Yi.

The CSRC will eliminate regulatory gaps by intensifying coordination efforts, bringing all securities activities under legal purview.

Simultaneously, investments in regulatory technology will be increased, fostering cross-departmental information sharing, and advancing digitization and intelligence to provide robust support for regulatory duties.

(With input from Xinhua; Cover via CFP)

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