Hello Games Is Rerunning This Year’s No Man’s Sky Expeditions

Hello Games is giving players who missed this year’s No Man’s Sky Expeditions another chance to enjoy the free add-ons, with all three being rerun for a limited time over the coming weeks. For gamers who missed out on these Expeditions when they first appeared in No Man’s Sky earlier this year, this is a great opportunity to collect the unique rewards available for completing the challenges they include.

No Man’s Sky’s 2023 Expeditions Are Returning to the Game for a Limited Time

As reported by Eurogamer, Hello Games has announced that all three of this year’s No Man’s Sky Expeditions will be returning to the game for a limited time beginning today. Each Expedition will return for exactly one week, giving fans of the sprawling, sci-fi sandbox game the ability to revisit one of their favorites or catch up on Expeditions they missed the first time around. In addition to bringing back this year’s Utopia, Singularity, and Voyagers Expeditions, the exploration-focused Cartographers Expedition from 2021 will also return to No Man’s Sky for a week.

Each Expedition features a handcrafted campaign meant to emphasize a particular element of No Man’s Sky’s gameplay or lore, with players who complete the included challenges earning unique in-game items that can be used in future playthroughs.

Utopia is the first No Man’s Sky Expedition slated for a rerun, with players having the chance to assist the mysterious Utopia Foundation in its cosmic reconstruction project from today through December 15. Then, from December 15 through December 22, the lore-heavy Singularity Expedition with its focus on themes of artificial intelligence and the nature of existence will take center stage. This is followed by a brief detour into No Man’s Sky’s past as Hello Games reintroduces the 2021 Expedition, Cartographers, from December 22-29. Finally, beginning on December 29 and running through January 8, the exploration-focused Voyagers Expedition will return to close out the event.

For fans of No Man’s Sky who missed out on these Expeditions during their initial in-game run, this limited-time event offers a chance to catch up on content they didn’t catch the first time. It’s also a great way for new players who’ve been tempted to check out the developer’s handiwork after seeing the stunning trailer for Hello Games’ next title, Light No Fire, to dive into the game that first put the studio on the map.    

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