Ford Endeavour 7 seat luxury SUV converted into Everest with imported body kit [Video]

Ford India may have ceased its new car sales in India; however, there are still a number of people in the country who love their products, especially the Endeavour ladder-on-frame SUV. This SUV was the only competitor that ever came close to the Toyota Fortuner. Now, despite the company not selling new Endeavours, a lot of people are buying this SUV used and converting it with either a Raptor or an Everest body kit. Recently, a video of one such fully customized Ford Endeavour Everest has been shared online.

Ford Endeavour converted into Ford Everest

The video of this Endeavour to Everest conversion has come courtesy of The Car Show on YouTube. The presenter starts with the introduction of the car and the owner of the car. He introduces the owner of the car who mentions that they have a shop in Chandigarh, and this is the first Ford Endeavour Everest conversion in Chandigarh. Following this, the presenter asks the owner to elaborate on the things that they have changed on this car to make it look like this.

Front changes

Soon after this, the owner of the Endeavour starts showing the changes made at the front of the car. Before talking about the details, the presenter asks the owner about the cost of this complete conversion. To this, the owner replies that the entire body kit installation with a paint job costs around Rs 3-4 lakh, depending upon the demand of the client. In terms of changes, he states that the entire front end of the car has been changed.

The changes include a brand new set of LED headlights, a new front bumper, a new front grille, and a replacement new bonnet. The presenter asks about the quality of these parts; to this, the owner answers that all of the parts of the body kit, including the headlights, have been imported from Taiwan and are of high quality. Next up, the owner of the shop shows the side profile of the car.

Side profile changes

Ford Endeavour converted into Everest with imported body kit [Video]

He states that both the fenders have been replaced, which are a lot wider than the original ones. Next up, he states that the alloy wheels have also been changed, which cost around Rs 70-80,000. These are massive 20-inch alloy wheels with off-road tires. Next up, the presenter opens the door of the car and reveals the interior of this customized Ford Endeavour.

Interior and rear changes

Ford Endeavour converted into Everest with imported body kit [Video]

The owner of the shop mentions that the car has been given a complete interior transformation as well. He stated that all of the dashboard trims have been hydro-dipped to provide a wooden finish. Apart from this, the entire theme of the car has been changed to black and brown. This includes the dual-tone black and brown leather seat covers. Lastly, the presenter shows the rear profile of the car and mentions that it has been given blacked-out LED taillights and additional pillar lights as well.

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