Keanu Reeves’ LA home targeted by thieves in ski masks, firearm stolen: Report | Hollywood

The Matrix fame Keanu Reeves recently faced a home invasion by a group of masked burglars. According to reports, multiple men wearing ski masks broke into the 59-year-old’s $7 million mansion in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. On Wednesday evening, the Los Angeles Police Department received an anonymous tip about a potential trespasser. However, the officers didn’t find anyone at the scene.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves’ Los Angeles home broken into by masked men

As per Marca, the officials returned to the John Wick star’s home five hours later after an alarm went off. When the police saw the security cameras, they spotted a group of burglars smashing a window before breaking into Keanu’s house. However, the suspects fled the scene after reportedly stealing a firearm. During the time of the invasion, the Constantine actor was not at home.

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This is not the first time Keanu has been a victim of a home invasion. Back in 2014, the star faced two break-ins at his LA mansion. As per the outlet, a woman broke into Keanu’s multi-million dollar home while he was sleeping and fell asleep in his library chair. The Matrix star called 911 after confronting the woman, who told him that she entered his house and was waiting to meet him.

In another incident, which was just one day after the previous invasion, a woman allegedly walked into his house through an unlocked door and jumped into his shower naked. She also skinny-dipped into his pool before the cleaning crew dialled 911. Both the women were given psychological evaluations after being taken into custody.

More recently, Keanu was granted a restraining order against a man named Bryan Keith Dixon, who claimed to be one of his relatives. Dixon trespassed into Keanu’s LA home a total of six times between November 5 and January 20 earlier this year. The situation escalated so much that the actor hired a private security team to investigate the intruder.

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