Allan Donald Highlights Why Sachin Tendulkar Was The Only Indian Batter To Be Successful In South Africa

Former South African fast bowler, Allan Donald, dissected India’s struggles in the recent test against South Africa, emphasizing the challenges posed by the conditions in Centurion. He pointed out that, apart from KL Rahul in the first innings and Virat Kohli in the second, Indian batsmen grappled with the pace, bounce, and seam movement orchestrated by the skilled South African bowlers.

The art of playing in South Africa

Donald highlighted a historical trend, noting that Indian batsmen have traditionally found it challenging to adapt to the conditions on South African pitches. Despite numerous attempts, India has yet to secure a test series victory in South Africa, reflecting the difficulties posed by the unique challenges of these wickets.

In Donald’s assessment, South Africa’s pitches are particularly unforgiving. He explained that the ball exhibits more movement in South Africa compared to Australia or England. Donald stressed the importance of impeccable footwork, stating that anything less than 100 percent puts batsmen in jeopardy.

Allan Donald Highlights Why Sachin Tendulkar Was The Only Indian Batter To be Successful In South Africa

Singling out the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, Donald commended the former Indian cricketer for his effective strategy in South Africa. Tendulkar, according to Donald, utilized a trigger movement while batting in South Africa rather than standing on the middle-stump. This adjustment allowed Tendulkar to press forward and execute exceptional leave techniques, contributing to his success in South African conditions.

Donald emphasized the significance of leaving the ball effectively in South Africa, revealing that it opens up opportunities for scoring runs. By enticing bowlers to come to the batsmen, there is a greater chance to exploit gaps and find scoring opportunities. In essence, Donald’s insights suggest that a proactive approach, coupled with astute footwork and a keen understanding of the conditions, is crucial for batsmen to navigate the challenges posed by South African pitches successfully.

Here is What Allan Donald Said:

“It’s not an easy place to combat. We see that daily in South Africa, the ball does nip around more than it does in Australia or England. If your footwork isn’t 100 percent then you are in trouble. “Only person I know who played us well was Tendulkar, who triggered (had a trigger movement) while batting in South Africa rather than stand on middle-stump. He pressed forward and left the ball amazingly well. “If you leave the ball well here, you can score runs. You got to get bowlers to come to you and search a little bit more. They start coming to you, the opportunities of scoring get better.”

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