Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus Release Date Teased by Remedy

Remedy Entertainment has teased an imminent release date for the Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode.

Wake Up Again

The Finnish studio put out a post on social media that was far less cryptic than you’d normally expect from the developer of Control.

While a New Game Plus mode is nice enough in any game that offers it, Remedy previously promised it would bring something a bit different on the new playthrough.

The Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode will allow players to keep unlocked upgrades and weapons, provide a new Nightmare difficulty mode, and, most intriguingly, a new alternative narrative, including new Manuscript pages and new video content.

Remedy’s Sam Lake also previously revealed there would be more free DLC and two paid expansions for Alan Wake 2. The first, Night Springs, is due to come out in Spring 2024, while the second, The Lake House, has a more tentative 2024 date.

Alan Wake 2 is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. It is currently available in digital form only.

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