Traffic Disturbances and Authorities’ Swift Action

The year 2023 is drawing to a close, and people worldwide are celebrating. In India, many chose to mark the long weekend by embarking on road trips with their friends and families. Travelers ventured to the mountains to witness snowfall and unwind at hill stations. However, over the past weekend, several incidents arose in Himachal Pradesh where tourists behaved inappropriately on the roads, causing disturbances for other users. One such video depicts a Hyundai Creta owner driving along a mountain road with their doors wide open. The authorities viewed the video and took action against the driver.

The video, shared by Weatherman Shubham on their X profile (formerly Twitter), was recorded somewhere in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Online reports illustrated the overcrowded nature of these hill stations during the weekend. The brief footage reveals a traffic jam for vehicles heading uphill while the opposite lane remained relatively empty.

The absence of vehicles descending was due to the Creta driver. The Hyundai Creta was seen slowly navigating downhill with both driver and co-passenger doors open, obstructing the path for other motorists behind them. Bikers were unable to maneuver through the narrow space to overtake the sluggish SUV. The individual who shared the video online emphasized, “Kindly don’t create a menace in Manali – Solang – Atal Tunnel.”

Creta driven with open doors

Tourists causing inconvenience to locals isn’t uncommon in Himachal. Instances abound where social media influencers crossed limits in the name of enjoyment. One influencer was arrested for drinking alcohol in the middle of a road in Himachal Pradesh. Similarly, videos surfaced of tourists from the Delhi NCR region dancing while standing out of the sunroof of a moving SUV.

Returning to this incident, the short video circulated rapidly on the internet, prompting many to urge local authorities to intervene. The police, after discovering the video on social media, acted swiftly. They issued a Rs 3,500 fine against the vehicle for violating traffic regulations and causing inconvenience to other road users.

For anyone who has visited a hill station, the narrow and winding roads in these regions starkly contrast with the wider, straight roads of the plains. Driving on such terrains requires extreme caution. The Hyundai Creta driver displayed irresponsible behavior in a public place. The vehicle clearly blocked the path for numerous road users trailing behind. If the driver wished to perform such stunts, opting for a closed road or an open ground would have prevented this issue. Once again, it’s crucial to remember that public roads are meant for everyone and aren’t spaces for such stunts. Amid Christmas and New Year celebration, Himachal Pradesh has witnessed massive traffic jam. Another video that went viral on the internet was of tourists in Mahindra Thar who decided to drive the SUV through Chandra river in Lahaul to escap the traffic jam. The water level in the river was less which helped the driver cross the river without any issues. After the video went viral, it received criticism from social media users and police also took note of the same and issued a challan to the driver.

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