Tight Jeans and Long Drive Caused Deep Vein Thrombosis, Nearly Cost a Man His Life

How Tight Clothing Nearly Cost a Man His Life

Saurabh Sharma’s story is a sobering reminder of the health risks posed by the combination of tight jeans and long drives. The 30-year-old businessman nearly lost his life due to a combination tight clothing and a sitting position with lack of movement on a long journey. Read about some interesting accessories for long car drives here.

Saurabh drove over 300 miles from Delhi to Rishikesh and back in one day. Throughout the lengthy drive, he wore tight-fitting jeans. He was also driving an automatic car, meaning that his left leg remained in the same position for hours. This combination proved nearly fatal.

Deep Vein Thrombosis May Occur

During prolonged sitting, blood can pool in the legs and pelvis. The lack of movement prevents blood from circulating back to the heart efficiently. This caused a blood clot, known medically as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), to form in a vein in Saurabh’s left leg.

He did not face any issues while driving, but problems started after the trip. A piece of the blood clot broke off and traveled through Saurabh’s body. It reached his lungs, blocking blood flow. This blockage, called a pulmonary embolism, starved his heart and brain of oxygen. Saurabh began struggling for breath and lost consciousness. He was found passed out on his office staircase when he returned from his trip.

At the hospital, doctors discovered Saurabh’s blood pressure and pulse were dangerously low. He had gone into cardiac arrest. After 45 minutes of CPR, the medical team managed to revive him. Further tests uncovered the DVT as the underlying cause.

“Saurabh’s extended low blood pressure damaged his kidneys. He required 24-hour dialysis treatment,” explained Dr. Naveen Bhamri, Director & Head of Cardiology at Max Super Specialty Hospital. “We realized his tight jeans and stationary leg position during driving likely caused the blood clot.”

Don’t Wear Tight Jeans On Long Trips: It Is A Big Health (And Life) Risk!

How to do long drives safely

Saurabh’s experience highlights the importance of movement on long journeys. Taking regular breaks to walk and stretch can get blood flowing and prevent clots. Every hour or two, make sure you stop the car, get out and stretch and walk around a little bit. It will not only improve blood circulation, you will feel good too. A lot of the weariness of the drive will go away with a short 15-minute break. Also see our previous article on Long Trip Problems and How to Avoid Them

Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is also key. Here, do ensure that loose attire does not get caught in the pedals – this is a common problem known as pedal misapplication, and may result in unintended acceleration when the clothes get caught in the accelerator pedal.

Drivers should remain alert to signs of DVT like leg pain and swelling. Simply flexing and pointing the feet while seated can boost circulation.

Planning for long drives should include more than just entertainment and snacks. Comfortable clothing and scheduled stops are crucial for health and safety. Saurabh’s life-threatening blood clot demonstrates the dangers of overlooking these precautions. His cautionary tale serves as an important reminder for all drivers embarking on lengthy road trips.

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