Thief breaks the window of a Tata Harrier SUV using a rubber band, steals bag and runs away: caught on video

Vehicle theft is a major problem in many parts of India. Every day, several cars are stolen from different parts of the country. Sometimes, thieves steal the car, while in other cases, they break into it and take expensive items. While technology wise car manufacturers are coming up with new technology to make cars secure, thieves are also updating their techniques. Here, we have a video showing a thief breaking the glass of a Tata Harrier SUV parked outside a temple and running away with a bag from the rear seat of the car.

The video was shared by Vidya Lekha on Facebook. The exact time and date of this incident are not known; however, the video was posted in October. According to the caption, the car was parked outside a Sai Baba temple in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It was parked next to a road, with people visible ahead of the SUV. A Maruti Eeco was also parked behind the Harrier. Two men then walk toward the SUV, and one of them points towards the car.

The man who pointed at the car then leaves the spot. The thief looks around to ensure that no one is watching him. The thief was probably unaware of the CCTV camera installed on the roadside. The video clearly shows the thief taking something out of his pocket. He appears to have something in his mouth and, when he is sure that nobody is watching, he starts walking away from the car. On his way, the window of the Harrier shatters.

Thief stealing bag

Once the thief breaks the glass, he simply walks away from the SUV in an innocent manner. He walks forward and stands next to some people passing through the road. The thief turns around to check if anyone is following him or if anyone saw him break the glass. When he confirms that no one saw the broken window, he walks, this time from the other side of the car. He approaches the rear window of the SUV and, within seconds, pushes the shattered glass away and jumps into the cabin. He quickly grabs a bag from the rear seat of the SUV and runs away.

It seems that the other person accompanying the thief had taken note of the bag in the car. How exactly the thief broke the window is not clear in this video; however, we do see him taking some action as he walks past the car. It is possible that the thief was using a rubber band as a slingshot to break the window of the car without making any noise. Once the glass shattered, he moved quickly and completed his act.

A few years ago, the Tamil Nadu police caught a group of thieves who demonstrated this method of theft to the cops. Always park your vehicles in a secure spot. In this case, it seems the car was parked on a street with little movement. Never leave any valuables inside your car, and if you must store something in your vehicle, never leave it unattended to avoid such instances.

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