The Importance of Mangalsutra


The mangalsutra is an important piece of jewellery for every Indian woman. It is a symbol of marriage, love and devotion between the husband and wife. It also serves as a shield from evil. Hence, it is worn by all married Hindu women as per tradition. Besides its traditional significance, it also has several health benefits.

The origin of mangalsutra dates back to the sixth century AD. A solitary yellow thread was used to tie around the neck of brides in order to protect them from evil spirits. Later, this practice became widespread in India and Sri Lanka. A famous 8th-century Indian Vedic scholar and teacher, Adi Shankara, underlined the importance of this bridal jewellery in his book Saundarya Lahari. The word ‘mangalsutra’ combines two Sanskrit words: “mana” (moon) and “gula” (necklace). It is believed that moonlight and necklace have the same power to keep away evil. The pendant is traditionally made of gold and black beads or stones. It is said that if the bride loses the mangalsutra or if it breaks, she will suffer from ill luck and danger in life.

A bride wears a mangalsutra on her wedding day and is expected to continue wearing it all the time. It is believed that this will help her live a long and happy life with her husband. It will also ensure the well-being of her children.

According to a popular belief, a mangalsutra has the power to destroy distressing vibrations and absorb the negative energy. Moreover, it is believed that the gold in the mangalsutra has healing properties which will improve the heart’s functioning. Besides its religious and cultural significance, the mangalsutra also holds great aesthetic value. Many Indian women like to embellish it with diamonds and precious gems.

The Importance of Mangalsutra

There are several different styles of mangalsutra. The design of a mangalsutra depends on the region of the country. For example, the Kannada-speaking Kannadigas have a style that features two vatis (nuptial chains). The Karnataka-based Maharashtrians wear mangalsutras with three vatis. In some coastal communities, a third vati is added which symbolizes commitment to the sea god.

A mangalsutra is usually designed with a gold base, a coral or a freshwater pearl pendant, and black beads. The necklace is also adorned with semi-precious or precious gems. Some designers have even come up with modern mangalsutras that combine black beads with gold and diamonds.

While it is a beautiful way to add a traditional touch to your look, you should know that wearing a mangalsutra is a personal choice and should not be forced upon a woman. However, it is a nice option to consider for those who are willing to take this bold step in their lives.

Whether you choose to go for a classic or a modern mangalsutra, make sure that it is made of high-quality metals and gemstones. In addition, the necklace should be well-designed and be free from any flaws. A quality mangalsutra will last a lifetime and be worth the investment.

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