Thakkali chutney recipe, south indian tomato chutney for idli and dosa

Thakkali chutney, a lip-smackingly good, Tamil Nadu style tomato chutney that makes for an excellent side with idli, dosa and chapathi

thakkali chutney

We had a good harvest of homegrown heirloom tomatoes this year. I prepared a batch of Andhra style tomato pickle, instant Andhra tomato pickle and sun dried tomato pickle which should hopefully last us a few weeks. With abundant tomatoes at home, I tend to make a variety of chutneys to go with idli, dosa, chapathi and rice. I am very fond of a Tamil style thakkali chutney that makes for a delectable side with both dosa and idli. Thakkali chutney is redolent with tomato goodness. This vegan chutney allows tomatoes to shine by embracing their flavour as we are not using onions to lend it body. It is so delicious with a subtle tang, moderate spice and a slight hint of sweetness.

tomatoes heirloom organic

homegrown heirloom tomatoes

There’s always a joy in cooking and relishing homegrown produce like heirloom tomatoes minutes after they have been plucked off the plant. I have used heirloom or desi variety of tomatoes to make thakkali chutney. If the tomatoes are too tart, you can balance out the tanginess of the tomatoes by adding jaggery or sugar. Of course, red chillies bring in the required heat and when cooked through, all the flavours work together perfectly.

The versatility of tomato chutney is that once you have a base recipe, they are endless variations to experiment. No hard and fast rules to follow.

tomato chutney for idli dosa

tomato chutney for idli and dosa

Tips to make tasty thakkali chutney

There are two key steps to follow to make this thakkali chutney recipe a super hit. The first is using the right variety of tomatoes i.e heirloom or desi tomatoes. The second step is to slow cook them to a mushy texture to get the true taste of tomatoes. I’d suggest you chop the tomato pieces lengthwise roughly the same size to ensure even cooking. It is worth your time to chop them evenly and cooking them to a mushy texture before grinding the cooked mixture to a paste.

This chutney calls for the use of garlic and cumin which add depth to the overall flavour. Crush the garlic and saute it along with the tempering of spices before adding the tomatoes. You can add fresh grated coconut to lend body to the chutney as well as cut down on the tartness of the tomatoes. If you do not have fresh coconut on hand, it is perfectly fine to omit it.

thakkali chutney recipe

thakkali chutney tamil nadu style

This version of south indian thakkali chutney makes for a wonderful side with idli, dosa and chapathi. A vibrant coloured, zesty tomato chutney that will surely win you over. Without a doubt, this will be your go-to tomato chutney among the myriad indian chutney varieties.

how to make thakkali chutney

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