Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin seen driving his vintage Fiat 1100 car on the streets of Chennai

The current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin, or M.K. Stalin, is one of the popular politicians in India. Like most Indian politicians, Stalin also moves around in a convoy of security vehicles. He is usually spotted in his Land Rover Defender; however, a video of him has now surfaced online where the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is seen driving a vintage Fiat 1100 car in Chennai. He is not alone and is surrounded by security vehicles for protection.

The video has been shared by Vintage and Rare Cars India on their Instagram page. In this video, we see a convoy of Toyota Innova MPVs passing through a road. The traffic on this road was probably blocked temporarily to ensure that the CM’s convoy passes without any issue. The Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs are actually surrounding a vintage car, a Fiat 1100 sedan, and the person driving the car is even more special. The car is being driven by the current Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin. The car passes through the road, and it looks like the minister is accompanied by someone else in the car.

M. K. Stalin driving his Fiat

Stalin is driving the car, and it seems to be one of those cars that he has had in his collection for a long time and decided to take for a spin. The silver-colored vintage sedan passes through the road with escort vehicles. The security staff is seen standing on the platform specially built for them on the moving MPV. The vintage Fiat 1100 sedan with registration MER 6172 looks well-maintained. The video does not provide a closer view or a look into the interior of the car.

While the car was moving around, we can see that the cops had completely stopped the traffic and were waiting for the minister to pass. Not much detail related to the car is available from the video; however, it looks like the minister was driving the Fiat 1100 Super Select variant of the sedan. Fiats were extremely popular among buyers in India at one point. It was considered a premium car and also a status symbol. Other than M.K. Stalin, there are other popular Indians who own a Fiat 1100 sedan. Veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra owns a Fiat 1100. He has completely restored the sedan and repainted it in an Olive Green shade with bronze-colored inserts. The interior of the sedan has also been customized.

Dharmendra has even shared a video of himself with the car, and it was actually the first car that he bought. The Fiat 1100 owned by the actor is over 60 years old. Another popular Indian actor who owns a Fiat 1100 is Jackie Shroff. Not many people know that Jackie Shroff is a car enthusiast. He has a decent collection of cars, SUVs, and even custom-made bikes in his collection. The actor also owns a 1968 model Fiat 1100 Elegant sedan. The car is completely restored, and the actor has been spotted traveling in this car several times. The 1100 Super Select driven by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister uses a 1,089 cc, 4-cylinder petrol engine that generates around 36 Bhp. The engine is mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

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