Suicide Squad Leaker Admits Some Story Details Were Wrong

At the start of the week, a plethora of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League story details appeared online, but now the leaker has admitted that some information was wrong. In a fairly lengthy apology, the leaker called his summary an “awful bastardized retelling” that he regrets writing following the backlash that it caused.

The Suicide Squad story details were labeled “blatantly misleading” by others

The backlash surrounding the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League story spoilers, which we won’t be repeating here, started when renowned leaker Miller Ross labeled them as “blatantly misleading” and that “the conclusions one naturally draws from them are incorrect.” In the apology, the leaker confirmed the story spoilers were misleading due to the way he went about finding the information.

You can read the full apology on Reddit, although be aware that it still contains story spoilers. For those who don’t want to see those spoilers, the leaker confirmed his information was based on cutscenes from the game but these were incomplete or heard out of context. To make things worse, the leaker only skimmed them for his information. As such, “a lot of the details declared as fact were speculation on my part or me just trying to fill in gaps of my own knowledge.”

The leaker also said that the story spoilers did not include anything that happens during the post-game Season 0 content or any future DLC, especially as the game is set up to be a live-service title. He claims that some of that post-launch content “completely recontextualises the entire story of the game,” although whether that is true is now debatable. He concluded his apology with:

I’m sorry for completely mischaracterising the game’s story, it was not my intention to s*** on this game’s story as I love Arkham but that has certainly been the effect of this leak. If you read the leak, please disregard everything about it because while some of it is true, enough is wrong that it is just overall misinformation.

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