PS5 and PS4 Releases: Every Game Release Date for Week Beginning December 25, 2023

The holidays are here and we enter what is usually the quietest two weeks of the game release calendar. Despite the festivities, there are still a handful of new PS5 and PS4 games being released during the week beginning December 25, 2023. The last games to arrive during 2023 are all indie titles, and you can find the list below.

All PS5 and PS4 December 25 to December 31 game release dates

Here are all of the PS5 and PS4 games currently set to be released throughout the week of December 25 and 31, 2023.

PS5 Games

  • Crazy Chicken – Traps and Treasures 2 (December 26)

PS4 Games

  • Hole io (December 25)
  • Space Papers: Planet’s Border (December 25)
  • Crazy Chicken – Traps and Treasures 2 (December 26)
  • Prison Life Simulator (December 26)

There is just one game coming to PS5 this week, while four games are coming to PS4 during the same period. Platformer Crazy Chicken – Traps and Treasures 2 is the game coming to both consoles and follows Crazy Chicken Indy as he tries to find the Golden Heart in the monastery of the Brotherhood of Sing Sang.

Hole io is a multiplayer game where players battle to swallow everything in sight and become the biggest hole of all, while Space Papers: Planet’s Border puts players in the role of a police officer of the intergalactic patrol who is tasked with checking the papers of all of the passengers flying across the galaxy. Finally, Prison Life Simulator does exactly what it says on the tin, only your prisoner has to maintain order, complete tasks, and accumulate enough money to bribe the policeman and escape.

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