NYT best of 2023: Top songs 2023 had to offer

In the words of Kahlil Gibran, ‘Music is the language of the spirit,’ and 2023 brought us some great songs. From classic pop tunes to catchy TikTok beats, this year had it all. With less than a week left before the new year, let’s take a look back at the top songs of 2023, according to The New York Times.

Lady Gaga arrives at a special screening of “Maestro,” Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023, at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.(Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Allison Russell, ‘Eve Was Black’

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A catchy hoedown with a strong message about important stuff like racism and slavery. It’s toe-tapping with a deeper meaning.

Peter Gabriel, ‘Road to Joy (Bright-Side Mix)’

Picture waking up from a deep sleep into a happy world full of funky beats. Peter Gabriel’s music is a fun celebration of life.

100 gecs, ‘Dumbest Girl Alive’

This song by 100 gecs is a bit silly but in a cool way. It’s like a party anthem with a mix of different sounds that’ll get you moving.

Sampha, ‘Suspended’

Sampha’s ‘Suspended’ is like a musical rollercoaster. It mixes different music styles and feelings, making it a unique and dizzying experience.

The Rolling Stones ft. Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder, ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven’

The Rolling Stones teamed up with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder for a song that feels like a jam session. It’s full of energy and ends on a high note.

Yahritza y Su Esencia and Grupo Frontera, ‘Frágil’

Two groups from different places came together for ‘Frágil.’ It’s a song about heartbreak with a mix of Mexican and American styles.

Baby Rose, ‘Stop the Bleeding’

Baby Rose’s deep voice tells a story about love and heartache. The music adds to the emotion, making it a powerful track.

Bizarrap & Shakira, ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’

Shakira and a producer named Bizarrap joined forces for a song that’s all about getting back at an ex. It’s catchy with clever words.

Killer Mike ft. Future, André 3000, and Eryn Allen Kane, ‘Scientists & Engineers’

Killer Mike brings together different styles in one song. It talks about art, ambition, and paying your dues. It’s like a musical journey.

Brittany Howard, ‘What Now’

Brittany Howard’s song is a mix of funky beats. It talks about the ups and downs of a breakup, capturing all the feelings.

Jorja Smith, ‘Try Me’

Jorja Smith’s song is like a strong message to those who put her down. It starts with a bold sound and evolves into something thoughtful.

Caroline Polachek, ‘Dang’

With just one word, “dang,” Caroline Polachek creates a cool song. It’s playful and talks about things like shipwrecks and spilled milk.

aespa, ‘Better Things’

If you love K-pop, you’ll enjoy ‘Better Things.’ It has a mix of sounds, catchy harmonies, and a fun beat.

Janelle Monáe ft. Doechii, ‘Phenomenal’

Janelle Monáe’s song celebrates pleasure. It’s lively and a bit cheeky, with a Latin jazz vibe that makes you want to move.

Noname, ‘Namesake’

Noname’s song is like a conversation over a jazzy beat. It talks about personal comfort and thinking about the world. It’s thoughtful and cool.

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