Modified Honda Accord sedan in convertible avatar looks really cool [Video]

The Honda Accord is one of the most loved sedans among modifiers in India. We have come across a variety of videos and examples in the past where people have actually modified this sedan into a sporty-looking car. It was a premium vehicle that used to compete with the Toyota Camry and other cars in the segment. Finding a stock Honda Accord in India is quite difficult these days. Here, we have one such video of a modified Honda Accord sedan. The 4-door sedan has been neatly converted into a convertible.

The video has been uploaded by Jaipur Jeep Lovers on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger, who owns a workshop in Jaipur, shows one of their recent projects. This was a custom-built project made for a customer. The major attraction on this sedan is the chopped-off roof. The roof on this sedan has been completely removed. The vlogger can be heard saying in the video that the customer wanted a convertible sedan, which is why they went ahead with this project.

The pillars and the roof were all removed. Only the front windscreen is left in the car. For this project, the workshop bought a used Honda Accord sedan with minor modifications already done. The front grille on this sedan was replaced with an all-black unit. The Honda logo in the middle was replaced with a ‘B’, which is usually seen in Brabus cars. Brabus is a German company known for high-performance tuning and body kits on Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles.

The workshop added a body kit to the sedan to give the car a much sportier appearance. The bumper was redesigned, and a side skirt was also added. The car already came with aftermarket headlamps, and the workshop kept them as they were. The rear bumper of the Accord sedan was also customized for this project. The car comes with custom-made twin-tip exhausts, although only one of them is actually functional. The Honda Accord is not a loud car by any means. The workshop removed the catalytic converter in the car and kept the original exhaust system. After removing the catalytic converter, the sedan started sounding a lot louder.

Honda Accord convertible

A catalytic converter in a car actually filters the pollutants and reduces the pollution emitted when the engine is turned on. Coming to the side profile, the stock alloy wheels on this sedan have been retained; however, they have been repainted in black for a sporty look. The original ORVMs on this Accord were probably damaged, and the cost of new ones was likely too high. The vlogger resolved this issue by installing chrome-plated ORVMs from the Maruti Suzuki Swift. The ORVMs are fully functional and also have LED turn indicators integrated into them.

The interior of the car was already customized by its previous owner. Only the steering wheel of this sedan was customized during this project. It now features a Mercedes-Benz steering wheel. The vlogger then drives this car through the narrow streets of Jaipur, and this car was definitely a crowd-puller. It might not be the best-looking modified Accord at the moment; however, it is quite possible that the customer has bought this as a project for all his future modifications.

It should be noted that simply chopping off the roof of a car is not recommended as it affects the structural integrity and handling of your vehicle. It is not clear if the body of the Accord was reinforced after the roof was removed or not. Also, this car is not legal for Indian roads and must only be driven inside closed tracks or on private properties.

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