Mavinakayi chitranna recipe, raw mango rice Karnataka style

Mavinakayi chitranna recipe, a Karnataka style raw mango based rice dish with spicy, sweet and sour flavors that is lip-smackingly good

mavinakayi chitranna

Our mid day meal – steamed rice, ridge gourd fry, charu, raw plantain pulusu, mavinakayi chitranna, pacha avakai, telaga pindi vadiyam and yogurt

Mavinakayi chitranna is flavorful raw mango rice preparation that is prepared on the same lines as chitranna, pulihora or puliyogare. Here the souring agent is raw green mango instead of tamarind pulp. This is a treasured South Indian rice recipe that you cannot go wrong with. A dear friend visited us over the weekend and I prepared lunch using home grown ridge gourd, raw plantain, and raw mangoes. It definitely feels very good to prepare dishes using home-grown produce. The lunch menu included beerakaya vepudu (ridge gourd fry), charu, aratikaya pulusu (raw plantain stew), mavinakaya chitranna with steamed rice, pacha avakai (yellow chili mango pickle), telagapindi vadiyam and yogurt.

My blog is buzzing with a lot of mango recipes as it is literally raining mangoes in my backyard garden. I am done with my mango pickling this year. Yes, I have just finished making Avakai, Andhra mango pickle. In spite of giving away boxes of mangoes to family and friends, I still have a lot of raw mangoes that are being allowed to ripen.

I have been wanting to share mavinakayi chitranna recipe with you since quite a while as its a favorite in our home. The spices that going into its making lend the dish a lovely aroma and flavor. It is definitely a time-consuming rice dish as we need to dry roast the spices individually. But it is definitely worth the effort.

mavinakayi chitranna gojju recipemango rice preparation

mavinakayi chitranna gojju roasted spices – ground spice powder

Let me tell at the outset that you should not skimp or skip any ingredient that calls for the making of chitranna masala powder. Also, you need to patiently dry roast each spice or ingredient on low-medium heat till the aroma emanates the kitchen. Slow dry roasting is essential. Do not burn the spices as it will ruin the masala powder flavor. Do attempt this recipe only if you have access to all the ingredients mentioned in the mavinkayi chiranna recipe. If you want to savor the authentic flavor of this traditional mango rice dish, please follow the recipe to the T.

Raw mango works best but a mango that is just beginning to turn a very pale yellow will also work fine. The mango should have a tart flavor.

mavinakayi chitranna gojjumango rice karnataka style

mavinakayi chitranna gojju – raw mango rice karnataka style

The steamed rice should be soft on touch yet hold shape, i.e each grain should be separate. Grated mango is cooked in a tempering of spices like mustard seeds and chana dal and the chitranna masala powder, jaggery, and salt. The chitranna gojju (gojju is a term used for thick gravy) should be cooked till the oil separates. Sesame oil works best though you can use any cooking oil. The below recipe will yield enough gojju or puliyogare mix for 450 to 500 gms uncooked rice. If using 250 gms uncooked rice, use only half of the prepared gojju. The remaining gojju can be refrigeted and used as and when required.

mavinakayi chitranna recipe

mavinakayi chitranna recipe

The flavors meld well after a couple of hours of sitting, so this Karnataka’s special rice dish makes for a perfect travelling food or lunch box recipe. Packed with nutrition from the mangoes, and spices, mavinakayi chitranna is sure to brighten up your meal. It makes for a simple, warming, nourishing meal along with a bowl of yogurt, crisps like papad or appadam. Absolute comforting food for the body and soul.

How to make mavinakayi chitranna recipe or raw mango rice Karnataka style

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