Marvel’s Blade PS5 Release: Bethesda Declines Comment

Bethesda announced a new Arkane Studios game based on Marvel’s Blade at The Game Awards 2023, but its trailer was curiously missing the Xbox console exclusive marketing that fans have come to expect from Microsoft. There’s also no mention of Xbox exclusivity anywhere in the official announcements on Xbox Wire or Bethesda’s own website.

Could Marvel’s Blade be headed to PS5?

Folks over at VG247 couldn’t contain their curiosity and reached out to Bethesda to specifically ask if Marvel’s Blade was exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms. In response, the publisher declined to comment.

There are currently all sorts of speculations about why Microsoft hasn’t announced any platforms for the game, one of which is that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously said that video game exclusivity — at least when it comes to Bethesda games — will be decided on a case-by-base basis. However, it’s worth noting that Starfield and Redfall — both of which were in development for PS5 — were made Xbox exclusive following Bethesda’s acquisition. Additionally, Microsoft has hinted that The Elder Scrolls 6 will also be Xbox exclusive despite the series’ history on PlayStation consoles.

Marvel itself doesn’t seem fussed about platform exclusivity as both Wolverine and Spider-Man are PlayStation exclusives.

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