Man Steals Official Mahindra Bolero Police Vehicle in Gujarat: Shocking Incident in Dwarka

Vehicle theft poses a significant issue in India, with law enforcement grappling with such cases daily. Numerous online videos showcase thieves swiftly stealing vehicles parked outside homes, absconding within minutes. In a startling turn of events in Gujarat, rather than targeting a civilian vehicle, a man took a daring step: he drove off with an official police vehicle parked within a police station compound.

The incident occurred in Dwarka, a bustling temple town in Gujarat that witnesses a steady stream of visitors. The man, identified as Mohit Sharma, commandeered the official police car on Thursday morning from the station compound. Reports indicate that he absconded with the car around 8:15 am and was apprehended near Ambar Chokdi in Jamnagar at approximately 2:30 pm. Mohit Sharma already faces a defamation case in Kutch’s Gandhidham town.

According to police accounts, Mohit arrived in Dwarka on a motorcycle, informing his family of his intention to offer prayers. Upon reaching the town, he parked his motorcycle near the police station and absconded with the Mahindra Bolero parked inside the compound.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Samir Sarda remarked, “Dwarka sees a constant influx of tourists, and staff members often utilize cars in emergencies. Therefore, the Police Station Officer (PSO) might not have noticed anything amiss when the car was taken without informing him. He observed the car being driven away but didn’t catch sight of the driver.”

Mohit with stolen police car

The officer further stated, “Sharma was under investigation for defamation by the Gandhidham police. He had previously threatened the investigating officer that he would steal a police vehicle there. We suspect his intention was to steal the car and sell it for scrap.” It remains unclear whether Mohit planned the theft or opportunistically seized the moment to take the car.

The driver responsible for the police car at Dwarka police station only discovered the vehicle missing after some time had elapsed. Upon realizing the SUV’s absence, they alerted neighboring police stations and patrol units, including Porbandar and Jamnagar police stations. Upon reviewing CCTV footage, it was observed that the SUV had passed toll gates at Kuranga and Khambhaliya.

Reports suggest that Mohit drove the car for nearly 200 kilometers before being apprehended. Not only did he steal the car, but he also shared images of himself with the Mahindra Bolero on various social media platforms. He did not halt for refueling during the journey as the police Bolero had a full tank. Mohit Sharma was later arrested by the cops but as of now, there is no clarity on what all charges have been pressed against him. Police also claims that Mohit Sharma is addicted to marijuana. The reports does not mention whether Mohit did this act under the influence of such illegal substance. This incident echoes a similar case reported last year in Karnataka, where a man stole a police Mahindra Bolero, driving it for 100 kilometers to fulfill his aspiration of driving a police Jeep. The man who stole the vehicle had experience is driving all types of vehicle but, he had never driven an official police vehicle.

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