Man drinks beer on moving motorcycle being ridden by his child on a highway in Rajasthan [Video]

Travelling in India will definitely ensure that you witness some of the most bizarre things. We have seen policemen bowing down to the families travelling on one motorcycle in the past pleading them not to travel in such an unsafe manner. Here is an incident though, which is highly dangerous and illegal.

It was caught by candidalouis, who is travelling across India on a motorcycle. She says that she came across this motorcycle with the father sitting in between his two children. All of them were without a helmet. As she rode along, she saw that it was the child sitting on the fuel tank who was controlling the motorcycle. The father is using the child as a human cruise control system, even though in a highly dangerous and illegal manner.

The father was enjoying his drink straight out of a bottle. While the child in the rear was tightly holding the father, perhaps in fear. When the lady asked why is he doing such a dangerous act, the father replied that the child rides the motorcycle much better than him.

While the child might have not understood much, he seems to be holding the accelerator and cruising along the highway. Even though the roads are empty, anything can come up on the Indian highways as we have seen in numerous other accidents.

Underage driving in India

According to the new MV Act, there are provisions for imposing fines and jail terms on parents. Last year, several parents were jailed for allowing their underage children to drive vehicles. It is crucial to strictly punish parents for such incidents in order to prevent similar occurrences. Allowing minors to drive vehicles can be extremely dangerous. For parents who are enthusiastic about their underage children driving, we encourage them to use private closed tracks where a license is not required. In India, there are many young professional racers who are even younger than the legal driving age of 18 years.

Consuming alcohol slows down the body’s reactions, which can lead to severe accidents. Drunk driving accounts for a significant number of accident cases worldwide. In India, the maximum permissible limit of alcohol in the blood is 30 mg per 100 ml. The license can be confiscated by the police if the alcohol level is found to be higher than that. In many other states, people can be sent to jail and have to pay hefty fines for driving under the influence. In recent years, drunken driving laws have become more stringent, and the police have started to enforce them strictly, resulting in an increase in the number of cases.

Police can stop a vehicle and measure the alcohol level using a breathalyzer. If a person refuses to take the test, the police can take them to government-approved hospitals for a blood sample, which is then used to determine the alcohol level. However, at present, police officers try to ascertain if the person is inebriated by engaging them in a conversation before conducting the test.

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