Malayalam movie actor and car enthusiast Dulquer Salmaan spotted driving his new Ferrari 296 GTB supercar [Video]

Dulquer Salmaan is renowned as both an actor and a car enthusiast. The Malayalam film actor boasts a vast collection of classic, vintage, expensive, and exotic cars in his garage. He revels in restoring classic cars and has often discussed them in numerous interviews. One of Dulquer Salmaan’s recent acquisitions is a Ferrari. He stands as the first actor from the Malayalam film industry to own a Ferrari, and images of his new car have been circulating online for the past couple of weeks. Here, we have a new video from Hyderabad, capturing Dulquer Salmaan driving his Ferrari 296 GTB.

The video was shared by DQ Car Collection 369 on their Instagram page. According to the comment section, the sports car was spotted outside a hotel in Hyderabad. Dulquer’s G63 AMG, in Olive Green shade, was seen entering the hotel premises while Dulquer waited in his Ferrari outside. Once the entrance gate cleared, the actor slowly maneuvered the Ferrari into the porch, waving at the person recording the video from the car.

Recorded at night, the video suffers from a lack of light, affecting its quality. Similar to any regular vehicle, Dulquer Salmaan’s Ferrari underwent inspection by the security guard at the entrance gate. It’s often observed that security guards tend to skip checking exotic cars like this for various reasons. While images of Dulquer’s Ferrari 296 GTB had surfaced online previously, this marks the first time we’re seeing a video of the same. Dulquer’s Ferrari is finished in Rosso Rubino Metallizzato shade, an iconic red hue commonly seen in older Ferrari cars.

Dulquer’s Ferrari

Like many expensive cars, Ferrari offers customization options to its customers. From the images, it’s evident that Dulquer opted for tan-colored interiors for his Ferrari, featuring Daytona seats with Bordeaux inserts that complement the exterior paint. The combination of tan and red lends the car a classic look. Equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster, carbon fiber inserts on the center console, a Formula 1 inspired steering wheel, and more, the 296 GTB is said to be an entry-level supercar; however, nothing about it is entry-level. The car boasts a premium-looking cabin designed to offer maximum comfort to its occupants.

The Ferrari 296 GTB seamlessly combines technology and elegance. It runs on a 2.9-liter V6 engine paired with an electric motor. The hybrid petrol engine is finely tuned for performance, true to Ferrari’s legacy. This stands as Ferrari’s most powerful V6 engine, generating 818 Ps. The Ferrari can sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in just 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 330 kmph. Dulquer’s Ferrari is yet to be seen with a registration number; the car was shipped from Delhi to Chennai, hinting that the actor might register it in Tamil Nadu. He might have applied for the fancy 369 number and could be awaiting confirmation.

The Ferrari 296 GTB comes at a cost of around Rs 5.44 crore, ex-showroom. As with any exotic car, the price escalates depending on customizations. The G63 AMG featured in the video is also among the expensive cars in Dulquer’s garage. The actor purchased the SUV in Designo Olive Green shade. When Dulquer bought the G63 AMG back in 2021, it was priced at around Rs 2.44 crore, ex-showroom.

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