LA Noire 2 Trends as Former Devs Debunk Rumor of New Project

LA Noire 2 began trending in gaming circles over the weekend as a rumor made rounds that its former developers are making a new thriller set in the 1940s. The rumor stemmed from an Instagram post by Australian composer Freyja Garbett, and while she did indeed work on an LA Noire based project, it wasn’t quite what we thought.

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In a now deleted Instagram post, Garbett uploaded photos of a recorded session for something called “Sowden House.” “From the creators of LA Noire comes Sowden House, a psychological thriller set in 1940s LA that will have you questioning your sanity,” she wrote, expressing excitement for working on a video game.

Sowden House is a reference to Black Dhalia murder as its prime suspect once owned the residence in LA.

The studio behind the project, Video Games Deluxe, is exclusively working for Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, however, an official statement debunking the rumor revealed that Sowden House was just a tech demo.

“We commissioned some music from a local composer Freyja Garbett for a VR project that we were working on a number of years ago when between projects,” the statement reads. “It is based on a case from LA Noire that did not make the cut but was more of a tech demo than anything else. We have no idea whether this will ever see the light of day but we decided to finish the score commission to support a local composer.”

Garbett has since deleted the Instagram post.

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