Ishan Khatter: I haven’t learnt anything that I didn’t know to begin with

Ahead of his Bollywood debut, Ishan Khatter had often expresses that he would prioritize learning on the job over everything else. However considering how it has become essential to choose projects that bring commercial success, has his outlook changed over the years?

Ishan Khatter was last seen in Pippa.

The actor, who was recently seen in the war film Pippa says, the fact that it’s a very important for his films to be received well by the people was something he was always aware about. “I always want people to come and watch my films. That’s the only way that one has the opportunity to expand their reach and their craft. So of course, that was never lost on me, that was something that I always knew is important to empower oneself as an artist so that you can then have the luxury of choice, which very few people have. It’s a privilege,” he says, and goes in, “I don’t think that I have learned anything that I didn’t know to begin with. But it’s early years and one is finding one’s way. Lots of changes are happening in the landscape …in the film fraternity, and I am still learning.”

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At present, his only focus is to do more work and give good films to his audience. “And for those who haven’t even seen my work, I feel motivated every single day to go and work hard and give them something hopefully surprising and new,” he shares. But why is he not going enough projects? Khatter laughs and says, “Please tell people to cast me.”

While Khatter is trying to understand the nitty-gritties of the industry, he addresses that it’s not always a smooth sail. “There are many things that one in their journey will like and dislike. But I don’t think that I want to bring the focus right now to a negative aspect of our industry. Because I also think that it’s one of the most celebrated film industries in the world, if not the most proficient. And when I say that, I’m talking about the Indian film industry as a whole,” he shares.

Khatter feels it’s the time when we need to “empower the voices” that are coming in. “We have to empower new wave of filmmaking, and retain what is most profoundly our own culture. And so I feel that there is huge potential in Indian films to be loved and recognize worldwide. And I think now we’re at the brink of a crossover in cinema where we’ll get to see more talent, cross pollination,” he ends

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