GTA 6 Hacker Gets Indefinite Hospital Sentence

A teenage GTA 6 hacker has been handed an “indefinite” hospital sentence where he may remain for life depending on a doctor’s verdict. 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj from Oxford, U.K. was one of the Lapsus$ group teens arrested for the ransomware attack on Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 hacker is considered high risk to the public

Kurtaj was declared autistic and deemed unfit to stand trial. Despite numerous court orders barring him from misusing the internet while he was on bail, he continued to have a penchant for hacking. In fact, he was on bail confined to a hotel room under police protection when he proceeded to hack Nvidia and British telecommunications company BT using an Amazon Firestick, the hotel TV, and a cellphone.

Now, a judge has deemed him a risk to society and has sentenced him to a “secure hospital,” per the BBC, where he will remain for life unless doctors determine that he no longer poses a danger. The BBC further reports that Kurtaj became violent while in custody, and there were reports of injury and property damage.

The court ordered Kurtaj’s mental health assessment, with health officials reporting that he remained highly motivated to continue hacking and openly expressed his desire to continue committing cyber crime if released.

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