GTA 5 Story DLC Reportedly Canceled Due to Internal Rift

According to a new report, GTA 5 single-player story DLC‘s cancellation was the unfortunate byproduct of intense disagreements between higher-ups at Rockstar Games. Rockstar has previously confirmed that GTA 5 DLC was planned and ultimately scrapped, but it has long been assumed that GTA Online‘s success was the prime reason for the cancellation. While that’s true, there seems to be more to the story than that.

Why was GTA 5’s single-player DLC canceled?

Recently leaked internal documents have confirmed that Rockstar had plans for several GTA 5 DLCs and expansions, none of which panned out. According to YouTuber Mors Mutual Insurance, who has examined the matter in great detail, it was creative differences between Rockstar founders — the Houser brothers — and long-time GTA lead Leslie Benzies that resulted in the DLC’s cancellation.

The Houser brothers were reportedly in favor of single-player projects, whereas Benzies had an inclination towards live service. The disagreement resulted in Benzies famously going on a lengthy sabbatical and eventually leaving Rockstar before suing the company — a matter that was settled out of court. According to the report, Benzies’ departure spurred a large number of resignations, with Rockstar struggling to remain focused on its single-player endeavors.

Following this debacle, Rockstar pivoted to Red Dead Redemption 2 while continuing to support GTA Online. Other single-player projects like Bully 2 and a new Midnight Club were also shelved in the process.

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