Groom Gets Hit With Online Hate After His Sole Vow To Bride Is To ‘Smack That Ass’

Love is patient, but in this case, not so kind.

Earlier this month, Samuel Foree, a Louisville-based wedding videographer, posted an edited version of one of his client’s recent wedding vows to his bride on Instagram. The groom’s raunchy — and seemingly sole — vow to his bride has since gone so viral that it has garnered an entry in the website, “Know Your Meme.”

In the video, a couple named Kaitlin and Cody are seen exchanging vows at an outdoor venue in Smithfield, Kentucky.

“I promise to smack that ass every chance I get. Booyah!” Cody says to Kaitlin.

“That’s all I got,” Cody then says after a pause.

The officiant then tries to give Cody a chance to redeem himself by asking:

“That’s all you got?”

“Yeah,” Cody says chuckling, clearly very pleased with himself.

“C’mon Cody,” a guest at the wedding could be heard saying flatly in the background.

“Are you sure?” the officiant then asks again.

“I didn’t write nothing out,” Cody admits.

“That’s what you’re going out with?” the officiant asks.

“That’s what I’m going with,” Cody says.

“Cool,” the officiant says.

“We’ve made it this long,” Cody concludes.

When the clip made its way onto TikTok and X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, social media users seemed to indicate that they would have objected to this nuptial.

What makes Cody’s vow even more ridiculous is that in a longer video on Foree’s Instagram account of the couple’s wedding ceremony, Kaitlin is seen delivering much longer and heartfelt vows to Cody.

“From the moment we met in high school, we have had a special bond that was indescribable. Since then you have distracted me, captivated me and challenged me in a way no one ever has,” Kaitlin begins her vows.

Later on, she gets a bit cheeky by saying:

“I promise to always be true to you, to support you, to frustrate you and challenge you. To hold you accountable and to share with you the most beautiful moments of my life.”

In this longer version of the couple’s ceremony, Cody’s behavior towards Kaitlin is even more infantile.

After delivering his “smack your ass” line to his bride, Cody proceeds to put Kaitlin’s wedding ring on the wrong hand and promises to “frustrate you all the time” and to “not listen to you.”

When the officiant finally pronounces them man and wife, Cody then says, “Oh lovely,” in a weird British accent and moans, “Mmmm” over and over again while kissing Kaitlin.

Honestly, it’s hard to describe this mess of a wedding ceremony in words — but the couple’s officiant may have put it best in the longer version of their ceremony.

“This is either going to be the most beautiful couple ever or we’re all going out in the same bolt of lightning,” the officiant concluded.

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