Final Fantasy 16 Sequel or Spin-off Unlikely as Dev Team Disbands

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has said that the game will remain a stand-alone story as there are no plans for a sequel or spin-off. In fact, FF16’s development team has already been disbanded for the most part, leaving behind only those who are working on the game’s DLC and PC release.

Naoki Yoshida wants to work on the next game rather than Final Fantasy 16 sequel

Speaking to Famitsu (via MP1st), Yoshida himself expressed his desire to work on a new game and story as opposed to continuing FF16. That said, he doesn’t know if Square Enix will change its mind or if it has any plans to extend the game beyond its upcoming DLC.

“The development team for FF16 has been disbanded, except for the main DLC team, but at least we don’t envision us creating a sequel or spin-off to FF16,” Yoshida said. “I have accumulated a lot of knowledge from FF16. Rather than continuing with one title forever, I would like to use that knowledge to consider new challenges, such as the next title.”

Yoshida also revealed that FF16’s second DLC — The Rising Tide — will be meatier than Echoes of the Fallen and is expected to last around 10 hours.

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