Fans Troll Akash Ambani For ‘Rohit Sharma Batting Kar Lega’ Comment

There was a huge stir as the news broke of Hardik Pandya’s trade from Gujarat Titans to Mumbai Indians for a staggering 15 crores. Before the IPL 2022 mega auction, Pandya not only switched teams but also assumed the captaincy for Gujarat Titans, leading them to a triumphant IPL win in the very first season and securing a place in the final in the subsequent IPL 2023 season.

As the anticipation builds for IPL 2024, Mumbai Indians have once again secured the services of Hardik Pandya, who is not only a valuable all-rounder but has proven leadership skills. In a surprising turn of events, the reins of captaincy have been handed back to him, signifying the team’s trust in his ability to lead them to victory. This move marks a significant chapter in Pandya’s career, transitioning from the captaincy of the Gujarat Titans to his role as the captain of the Mumbai Indians.

However, amidst the excitement, the decision to have Rohit Sharma, the seasoned 36-year-old and one of the most successful IPL captains alongside MS Dhoni, play solely as a batter has stirred controversy. With an impressive track record of five IPL championships under his captaincy, fans are expressing their dissatisfaction with this strategic decision.

Mumbai Indians and Rohit Sharma fans have taken to social media platforms to voice their discontent with the team’s decision to restrict Sharma to a batting role. The outcry has been intense, with fans expressing their opinions and disappointment through various online channels. The move, considered unconventional by many, has led to heated discussions and debates within the cricketing community.

In the aftermath of the trade, speculations arose regarding Rohit Sharma’s future with the Mumbai Indians. Reports suggested that he might explore options with other teams once the trade window opens after the IPL auction on December 19. This uncertainty has only fueled the discussions among fans, adding an element of suspense to the upcoming IPL season.

The IPL 2024 auction, held in Dubai, witnessed a moment of drama when a young Mumbai Indians fan shouted, “Rohit Sharma ko wapis lao” (Bring back Rohit Sharma) during the auction break. In response, Akash Ambani, a key figure in the Mumbai Indians franchise, reassured the concerned fan with a statement, ‘Chinta mat kro, wo batting krega’ (Don’t take tension, he will bat). This statement, intended to pacify the fans, has instead become a subject of trolling and mockery on social media platforms.

The reassurance from Akash Ambani has not quelled the discontent among fans. Instead, it has become a focal point for memes, jokes, and online banter. The ambiguity surrounding Rohit Sharma’s future role, coupled with the fan backlash, has left many questions unanswered as the fans eagerly await the unfolding of events in IPL 2024.

Fans Troll Akash Ambani For ‘Rohit Sharma Batting Kar Lega’ Comment

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