DayZ 10th Anniversary Merch Box on Sale Now

Bohemia Interactive recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its survival game DayZ, and fans of the game can now own a piece of the game’s history with a merch box.

DayZ began life as a mod for the military sim ARMA 2 and that went on to produce the DayZ: Battle Royale mod with would eventually transform into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Introducing the exclusive and highly coveted DayZ Survival 10th Anniversary Merch Ammo Box – a limited edition collector’s item, with only 250 numbered pieces available worldwide. This meticulously crafted box is a celebration of a decade of survival excellence and is packed with rare and unique items for the true DayZ enthusiast.

Key Features:

  1. DayZ Numbered Ammo Box (27 x 18 x 14 cm, 3 kg): Each box is a piece of gaming history, individually numbered and crafted to embody the spirit of DayZ. The durable construction ensures your collection remains safe and secure.
  2. DayZ DEEZ BEANS Tin Can with Mystery T-Shirt: Open the iconic DEEZ BEANS tin can to reveal a mystery DayZ-themed T-shirt, adding an element of surprise and delight to your collection.
  3. DayZ 10th Anniversary Velcro Patch: Showcase your loyalty to DayZ with an exclusive velcro patch designed to commemorate a decade of survival adventures.
  4. DayZ Official Stitch Velcro Patch: Add another layer of authenticity to your gear with an official stitched velcro patch, a symbol of your dedication to the DayZ community.
  5. DayZ “This is Your Story” Small Mousepad (350x250mm): Immerse yourself in the DayZ universe with a compact and high-quality mousepad, featuring inspiring graphics that remind you, “This is Your Story.”
  6. DayZ Chernarus + Livonia Maps Collection: Navigate the post-apocalyptic landscapes with the latest versions of the Chernarus and Livonia maps, an essential addition to your survival toolkit.
  7. DayZ PS4 (PS5 Compatible) OR Xbox OR Steam Code Voucher for PC: Choose your platform and dive into the world of DayZ with a voucher for the gaming system of your choice.
  8. DayZ Zippo Lighter: Ignite the flame of survival with a specially designed DayZ Zippo lighter, a stylish and practical addition to your collection.
  9. DayZ A5 Size Durable Steel Plate: Embrace the rugged nature of DayZ with a durable steel plate featuring A5 size dimensions – a unique and eye-catching display piece.
  10. DayZ Ceramic Mug in 10th Anniversary Design: Sip your favorite beverage in style with a ceramic mug adorned with exclusive 10th-anniversary design elements, perfect for celebrating a decade of DayZ adventures.

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