Beyonce’s childhood home in Houston ruined by devastating fire on Christmas day

Beyonce’s childhood home in Houston, Texas, was left severely damaged after a fire broke out on early Christmas morning. According to the authorities, the two-story house was engulfed in flames at 2 a.m. on Monday, December 25. As per the Daily Mail, the Single Ladies hitmaker lived there up until the age of five. The current residents, a couple with two children, managed to evacuate on time without any injuries.

Singer-songwriter Beyonce

The first responders were able to put out the fire in 10 minutes. Houston Fire Department Chief Justin Barnes said, “They did a great job. I’m going to say in less than 10 minutes, we had a really good grip on this fire,” according to a local news station KTRK. Most of the damage was limited to the second story. However, the investigation to determine the cause of the fire is still underway.

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Although Beyonce moved out of her Houston house several decades ago, it remains a monumental property for the singer’s fans. Tour guide Keith Rosden told the Daily Mail, “People who go on these tours are Beyonce devotees, fanatics. Going to see that home where she first lived is like going to Bethlehem – the birthplace of their leader.”

“This is one of the two most popular stops on the tour, the other being the home on Parkwood, where the family lived after moving out of the Rosedale home. Almost 100% of people get out for me to take their photo, to take selfies,” Rosden added.

The house was sold in 2019 and boasted three bedrooms and bathrooms, along with a spiral staircase connecting to a third-floor office space. Beyonce’s family bought the house for $64,000 in 1981, five years before she was born. Despite moving out of the house at the age of five, the Halo singer lived in Houston until she was 21.

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