Battlefield 2042 Holiday Event Includes New Game Mode, Rewards

Battlefield 2042‘s Season 6 is getting a holiday-themed update, with developer DICE announcing Holiday Protocol, a new event that will run through the new year.

The new event is set to arrive in the game on December 12, 2024, and will run through January 9, 2024. It will be part of the ongoing Season 6: Dark Creations that was added into the game earlier this year, and will include four weeks of holiday-themed content and rewards.

New modes, cosmetic items arriving in event

The first week will see the inclusion of the Rapid Strike game mode on five different maps, and include a candy cane weapon charm and special character skin. The second week is set to include a new game mode, called “Attack of the Elves,” which is a 4 vs. 28 mode that pits a group of four against 28 “elves,” who will try to take down enemies to win.

Alongside the new modes, other rewards are planned for the event, including vehicle and weapon skins, character outfits, and more. The full roadmap for the event can be seen below:

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