20 Mindfulness Tips for Marketers to Stay Calm During the Holidays

As marketers, the holiday season can be a whirlwind of deadlines, campaigns, and heightened expectations. Amid this festive frenzy, it’s crucial to maintain your cool and stay grounded. Mindfulness, often seen as a buzzword, is actually a powerful tool to help you navigate these choppy waters with grace and efficiency. So, let’s dive into 20 expert-recommended mindfulness tips, neatly categorized, to help you sail smoothly through the holiday season. These tips are not just about surviving the rush; they’re about thriving in it.

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Embrace Patience and Flexibility

Unplanned challenges always occur during holidays, and this brings an unexpected turn of events on the planning of marketing activities. 

To remain calm, I have to be grounded and focused on the now. Instead, concentrating on what needs to be done in the present moment will help me handle one situation at a time without worrying about tomorrow. I tend to focus on mindful practices, like deep breathing, in challenging situations at this time of the year. 

It is important to develop a flexible mindset, especially at this stage. Realizing that all things won’t happen perfectly and being prepared to change as circumstances dictate would help minimize stress.

Darren Graham, Company Director, 408 Media Group

Practice Mindful Immersion

Do one task at a time, fully focusing on the task at hand without letting your mind wander to other things on your agenda. During the holidays, there is so much to do, and there is an urge to rush through tasks. 

With the pressure of fast-approaching deadlines, rushing can be stressful and result in errors, so I recommend mindful immersion. Since most consumers are highly focused on shopping over the holidays, we see a surge in clients. Initially, I would multitask, and it would raise my anxiety levels. 

I ended up getting very little done, and I would feel overwhelmed. Practicing mindful immersion helps me fully focus on one task at a time, reduces my anxiety, and improves my productivity.

Valerie Lavska, CMO, Promodo

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Integrate Micro-Meditation Sessions

These are less than two-minute meditation sessions, which you can integrate even with the busiest schedules. Micro-meditation sessions help one pause, refocus, gain clarity, and mostly heighten creativity under stress, which is very important for marketers. 

For example, at Ammo, we occasionally do an audit of our website to monitor our SEO positions. Right before doing the audit, I always do a micro-meditation, which helps me have a crystal clear mind. I can then analyze the data, judge Ammo.com’s position, and take the necessary steps to move forward. 

So, whether you are about to get into a meeting or are midway through working on a project, micro-meditations can help your mind remain cool in the fast-paced world of marketing.

Alex Horsman, Head of Marketing, Ammo.com

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Prioritize Effective Time Management

Maintaining composure and productivity is crucial for marketers amidst the holiday rush. My top mindfulness tip, as the founder of CodeDesign, a digital marketing agency, is to prioritize effective time management.

The holiday season often brings an influx of tasks and deadlines, making it easy to feel overwhelmed. To “keep your cool,” marketers should meticulously plan their schedules, allocating time for both work and personal relaxation. Creating a daily or weekly timetable can help ensure that work tasks are organized and that there’s room for self-care.

Additionally, it’s essential to set realistic goals and priorities, focusing on high-impact tasks while delegating or postponing less critical ones. Mindful time management is the key to maintaining productivity and managing stress during the holiday season.

Bruno Gavino, Founder, CEO, CodeDesign

Establish Self-Care and Boundaries

Taking time for self-care should always be a priority during Christmas. A good example is when you act as a marketer and find yourself with many tasks and deadlines to meet at once. Be sure to create some space for yourself as well, while doing things that replenish your energy. Taking a walk, reading a book, or practicing mindfulness exercises can provide self-care if set aside for yourself during this hectic holiday season.

To prevent burnout, one should establish limits. Therefore, I am not afraid of letting clients and colleagues know when I will be available, as well as setting realistic expectations. Setting clear boundaries will allow enough time and headspace for you to deal with your duties exhaustively without being overwhelmed.

Ayman Zaidi, Marketing Expert, UK Composite Doors

Approach Trends with Caution

Approach trends with caution. If your marketing activities are feeling overwhelming and not particularly rewarding, it might be because you’re spreading your efforts too thinly. In my experience, a mindful marketing strategy means choosing deliberate, purposeful tactics. Instead of chasing every #hashtag and short-lived trend, focus on the ones that truly match what your company stands for and aims to achieve. During the high-pressure holiday season, zeroing in on trends that serve your brand’s purpose can prevent burnout and preserve energy.

When marketers stretch themselves thin by chasing every trend, the genuine connection with the audience may suffer, and the brand message can become diluted. This selective strategy also enhances the authenticity of your messaging, which customers appreciate more than ever during the holiday rush. This helps maintain a sense of balance and intentionality in your marketing campaigns, keeping stress at bay and efficiency at the forefront.

Precious Abacan, Digital Marketing Manager, Softlist

Unplug and Practice Self-Care

Be mindful that people are busy. Remember to unplug from work periodically, practice deep breathing, and make time for self-care during the holiday rush. The folks you’re marketing to are feeling the same chaos. Align your marketing efforts with fostering goodwill and happiness.

Jorie Wisnefski, Marketing Manager, Urban Machine

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Appreciate What You Have

I’ve been a marketer for a long time, and it’s true: The holidays can be a stressful and overwhelming time. But I’ve learned that if you’re mindful, they can also be a time of great joy. The key is to slow down and take time to enjoy what you already have. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of buying gifts or making sure everyone has enough food, take a deep breath. Think about what you already have—your family members, friends, pets—and remember that this is the best holiday season ever!

Noel Griffith, CMO, SupplyGem

Set a Positive Intention

Set an intention on how you want to make others feel. You might want to help clients and co-workers relax a little, enjoy their families, or give them a moment of calm amidst the holiday chaos – whatever you choose should speak to your deepest core values. 

Write down that intention every morning before you get to work, and review it as you need to if your work day is filled with countless interactions with stressed-out, exhausted people. It’s especially tough for people who have dealt with hard times they associate with the holiday season, so remember that as you interact. Your intention serves as a reminder of your main priority this holiday and that you don’t need to absorb the negative energy of others. Simply be patient, remember why you’re there, and work to help others feel good.

Hardy Desai, Founder, Supple Digital

Take Cold Showers for Calmness

Starting in the middle of November, marketers need to lace up their boots because of the upcoming Black Friday season, the holiday season, and so many offer days for which they have to strategize and create attractive campaigns that’ll help the company finish on a high.

I personally consider November and December as the two most hardworking months for marketers. One great mindfulness tip I would like to share is taking cold showers in these peak seasons to help you navigate your thoughts and be emotionally calm during these two months. I know the peak seasons can be mentally and physically draining, considering how much effort and strategizing is required to pull off the best campaigns.

Cold showers can help you to proceed with an “eat the frog” mentality and brace you for the challenges and difficulties you’ll face every day. I consider it a calming yet energetic mindfulness tip to strengthen my determination.

Jon Kelly, SEO Specialist, 1st On The List

Focus on One Task at a Time

Focus on doing just one thing at a time. For marketers like myself, the holiday season is always hectic, filled with different events, campaigns, projects, and opportunities to do a lot in so little time. 

The holiday season is also the perfect time to remain mindful and focus on doing just one thing at a time. Instead of committing to everything at once through multitasking, I’d highly suggest doing just one thing at a time and switching your focus only when the previous task is fully taken care of.

David Gaglione, Founding Partner, PS212

Connect with Fellow Marketers

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to keep yourself going and level-headed throughout a busy time like the holidays is to find time to speak with other professionals in your field. I know a lot of marketers who are friends with other marketers simply because the nature of their job brought them together. And I always find it helps me to de-stress when I can talk with other people who understand what it is I do and go through daily.

Being able to rant to other people who are not in your own place of work can help you to get things off your chest. Venting to other people is known to have a positive impact on your mental well-being because you aren’t internalizing your feelings. Sometimes, those in your own field have helpful words of advice, or can sympathize, which helps you to feel not as alone. They might also have helpful tips on how to be less stressed on a daily basis.

Michael Charalambous, Director, Invezz

Practice Single-Tasking and Meditation

During the bustling holiday season, it’s crucial for marketers to maintain their equilibrium. My top mindfulness tip is to practice the art of “single-tasking.” In a world where multitasking is often celebrated, focusing on one task at a time can actually boost efficiency and reduce stress.

Start by setting aside specific times in your day to check emails, work on campaigns, and handle communications. When you’re working on a task, give it your full attention—put away your phone, close unrelated browser tabs, and let your colleagues know you need undisturbed time. This approach not only improves the quality of your work but also allows for moments of calm amid the holiday chaos.

Remember to breathe deeply and regularly; it’s a simple yet effective way to center yourself and reduce anxiety. Incorporating even brief periods of meditation into your daily routine can help clear your mind and sharpen your focus.

Aaron Friedman, Founder, AMF Creative

Create a Work-Tracker

Create a work-tracker, so everything you need to do is in one place. Then, organize each item by a deadline and focus most of your energy on the next item on the list. At the end of the week, look at the following week and create your plan of attack to accomplish those items. If you finish something early, move onto the next to work ahead.

Tony Wagner, Email Marketing Manager, Strategic America

Set Phone-Usage Boundaries

Setting intentional phone-usage boundaries is great mindfulness advice for marketers throughout the holiday season. With the continual distractions of notifications and work-related chores on our phones, it’s vital to schedule a time where you detach from your device. This helps you to fully immerse yourself in the current moment, whether it is spent with loved ones or engaging in holiday celebrations. You may improve your focus, reduce stress, and actually enjoy the holiday season by consciously limiting your phone usage. Remember that being mindful and present can have a significant impact on your general well-being and productivity as a marketer.

Aqsa Tabassam, Digital Content Manager, My Sparkling Life

Practice Deep Breathing

For marketers, the holidays can be a hectic time, but it’s crucial to stay calm and centered. The most effective mindfulness activity I can recommend is deep breathing. Take a moment to close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose, and gently exhale through your mouth whenever you feel overwhelmed or worried. Let go of any stress or concerns and concentrate on the feel of your breath. It’s an easy yet powerful technique to regain inner peace and bring yourself back to the present. Remember, taking care of your mental health is just as necessary as your marketing tasks.

James Owen, Co-Founder and Director, Click Intelligence

Approach Case Studies with Skepticism

As the festive season nears, my best mindfulness tip for fellow marketers is to approach the influx of flashy case studies with a pinch of skepticism. We all come across headlines like “How we made 1M in 3 days of Black Friday” or “How I drew 479,000 visitors this year.” It’s essential to remember, especially during this peak sales period, that many marketers selling courses aim to boost their numbers. While some success stories might be genuine, it’s crucial not to measure your success against these potentially inflated figures. Trust in your journey and know that everyone’s path in marketing varies. Instead of feeling behind, focus on learning and growing at your own pace.

Itay Malinski, Founder and CEO, AlohaDigital

Forgive Yourself and Maintain Engagement

Remember, it’s not you, it’s the market. Between cold spells, economic uncertainty, and the simple fact that many people are out of the office, the things you’re doing right now may not pay off like they did in the warmer months. So forgive yourself—the fact that you’re still carrying through the marketing message this late in the year shows your commitment. Sometimes, all you really need are a few “Happy Holidays” posts and year-in-review content to keep engagement stable. There’ll be time for hot new endeavors in 2024.

Michael Power, CMO, DTF Transfers

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Establish Work and Personal Boundaries

One effective mindfulness tip I use is to establish boundaries for work and personal time during the holidays. I create a clear schedule that allows me to disconnect from work-related tasks and fully engage in holiday activities with loved ones. This separation helps me recharge and reduces my stress.

Phil Strazzulla, Founder, SelectSoftware Reviews

Practice Mindful Response

I’d encourage marketers to practice what I call “mindful response.” Before reacting to the latest email or campaign hiccup, take a moment to pause and breathe deeply, anchoring yourself in the present moment. This technique helps transform your potential impulsive reaction into a thoughtful response with clarity and calmness, allowing you to approach each task with a fresh perspective and a clear mind amidst the holiday chaos.
Bayu Prihandito, Certified Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

As marketers, the holiday season can be a whirlwind of deadlines, campaigns, and heightened expectations. Amid this festive frenzy, it’s crucial to maintain your cool and stay grounded. Mindfulness, often seen as a buzzword, is actually a powerful tool to help you navigate these choppy waters with grace and efficiency. So, let’s dive into 20 expert-recommended mindfulness tips, neatly categorized, to help you sail smoothly through the holiday season. These tips are not just about surviving the rush; they’re about thriving in it.

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