Volkswagen Polo GTI hot hatchback makes 340 Bhp [Video]

When it comes to hot hatchbacks, one of the most sought-after cars is the Volkswagen Polo GTI. This two-door, more performance-oriented iteration of the Polo was launched in India back in 2016 at a price of Rs 30 lakh. The car came equipped with a 192 bhp 1.8-litre TSI engine and an automatic transmission. However, despite all of these, one of the owners of this hatchback decided to change things up in his car. Recently, a video of India’s only manually swapped 340 bhp Polo GTI has now been shared online.

Stage 3 modified Volkswagen Polo GTI with manual

This video of this manually converted Volkswagen Polo GTI has come courtesy of The Drivers Hub on YouTube. It starts off with the presenter giving a brief introduction to this modified Polo GTI, announcing that it is the first-ever manually converted Polo GTI in India. He then directly starts with the main highlight of the car, which is its 6-speed manual transmission. He elaborates that the Volkswagen Polo GTI in India only came with a DQ200 DSG transmission, which is a very quick-shifting gearbox.

He then added that despite that, the owner of this car was not happy. The presenter stated that the hot hatches are meant to be exciting to drive, and in order to add this excitement, this car was converted. He explained that the Polo GTI in the international markets comes equipped with this 6-speed transmission; however, India only got the DSG transmission. So, the shop that has converted this car ordered an OEM Polo GTI 6-speed manual transmission from Europe and swapped it with the DQ200 DSG transmission.

Interior modifications

This Volkswagen Polo GTI makes 340 Bhp [Video]

Following this, he added that apart from the car, it also has been given updates on the exterior as well as the interior. He mentions that on the inside, the car gets an upgraded infotainment system from the Golf R that comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. It also gets an additional third pedal for the clutch as well, while the rest of the interior has been kept stock.

Exterior modifications

This Volkswagen Polo GTI makes 340 Bhp [Video]

After the interior, he shows the exterior of the car, which he mentions that has been given forged ATS wheels. He added that these wheels have been finished in a bold white color as the owner of this car wanted to give an homage to the rally cars. He added that in the garage, the owners have a collection of old rally Maruti Esteems and a Rally spec Volkswagen Polo. Apart from this, the car has also been given a decal as well.

This Volkswagen Polo GTI makes 340 Bhp [Video]

Performance modifications

This Volkswagen Polo GTI makes 340 Bhp [Video]

He added that this particular Polo GTI has been given a brake upgrade as well. He mentions that it has been given a big brake kit from the Golf R, and the calipers have been painted blue. The presenter then opens the bonnet of the car and adds that the stock 1.8-TSi engine has also been given some massive upgrades. He states that the car gets a Wagner Competition intercooler, a BMC carbon fiber air filter, and a bigger IS20 turbo. Also, this car gets a Speed sport full exhaust system and a custom ECU remap. He adds that all of these mods contribute to a maximum power of a whopping 340 bhp.

Driving experience

This Volkswagen Polo GTI makes 340 Bhp [Video]

Finally, the presenter takes the car out for a drive and mentions that it is an extremely fun car to drive. He states that 340 bhp in a car with such a small wheelbase is extremely mental, and it drives very amazingly. He adds that it is extremely quick, and with the manual transmission, it becomes even more engaging to drive.

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