Tekken 8 Steve Fox Trailer Previews Return of Fan-Favorite Boxer

November 29 saw Bandai Namco showcase Steve Fox, the next character in the upcoming Tekken 8. Introduced in Tekken 2 in 2002, the British boxer has appeared in every game since. Bandai Namco previously confirmed his return, but fans will appreciate this first look at his latest iteration.

The new trailer showcases Steve’s moves in matches against fellow returning Tekken characters King and Hwoarang. A champion middleweight boxer, his moves emphasize the power of his fists instead of grapples, throws, or kicks. Still, his moveset offers plenty of style and spectacle. His aesthetic lies somewhere between punk and British gentleman.

Steve Fox’s return in Tekken 8

As established in previous games, Steve grew up in a research facility belonging to the Mishima Zaibatsu, Tekken’s overarching villains. He set out to find his family, eventually discovering that Mishima created him from Nina Williams’ DNA. However, the Irish assassin and G Corporation enforcer isn’t interested in a relationship with her “son,” much to Steve’s disappointment.

Having lost the driving purpose of finding his family, Steve became a shell of his former self. The boxer only snapped out of it with the encouragement of fellow returning characters Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law. However, he turned down their offer to train in the mountains. Instead, Tekken 8 sees him set out on his own to create a brand-new fighting style.  

Steve is the latest character to get a reveal trailer. Last week, Bandai Namco showcased another returning character in the form of Leo Kliesen, whom developers introduced in Tekken 6. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Tekken fans had their first look at Reina, one of the new fighters coming to Tekken 8.

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