Shrenu Parikh ties the knot with Akshay Mhatre: The wedding was like a dream

Actor Shrenu Parikh, 34, tied the knot with her long-time beau, actor Akshay Mhatre, 31, recently, sharing beautiful pictures from their big day on social media. Talking about their wedding in her hometown Baroda, she says, “It has all been like a dream. It is almost like we were sleeping and the minute we woke up, we were married,” adding, “It went beyond our expectations. We were too stressed about everything. We were expecting a lot of guests, so many people were coming from Mumbai, the whole Baraat. I had my set of friends also coming, so I wanted them to be comfortable.”

Shrenu Parikh tied the knot with Akshay Mhatre

The meticulous planning over the past two months paid off, thanks to the collective efforts of both families. Parikh expresses, “We were really working hard, and even our families were helping us so much to plan the perfect wedding, and it turned out to be just perfect.”

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The duo’s love story has blossomed over two years, originating on the sets where they first crossed paths. “It has been more than two years now that we have been dating. We met on sets, and we both were very sure in the initial 6-8 months of our courtship that we will get married to each other only,” the Maitree actor shares.

“After that, we got our families involved, and before we realized, we were on our way to get wed,” she further adds. The newlyweds are still acclimating to the symbols of their marital status. “We are still getting used to the ring and mangalsutra. We are still absorbing everything and getting normal about the whole marital status thing,” she confesses.

Acknowledging the shift in dynamics post-marriage, Parikh admits: “There are things that change after marriage as compared to when you are dating. You have responsibilities, there are both families involved, and new relationships,” adding, “Ab mai kisi ki vaheeni hu, kisi ki maami hu, Akshay kisi ke jiju hain. We are both still young, so we are looking forward to this phase. Now we don’t have an option!”

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