PS3 Reportedly Still Has Millions of Monthly Active Users

Sony‘s beloved PS3 apparently still has millions of monthly active users (MAUs) — nearly two million, to be precise. That’s according to a presentation leaked as part of the recent Insomniac Games‘ ransomware attack. This tidbit of information was tucked away in a slide about PlayStation Network‘s monthly active users.

Die-hard PS3 users still enjoying beloved classics

As spotted by Exputer, the slide in question is nearly a year old but sheds some light on the active player base of Sony’s consoles. PSN MAUs were expected to hit 107.5 million by February 2023, accounting for data latency. PS4 is understandably in the lead (71.5 million PSN MAUs) with the highest amount of consoles in circulation, but the PS5 is quickly catching up with nearly 37.1 million MAUs by February 2023.

Between December 2022 to February 2023, the PS3’s MAUs fluctuated between 2.3 million to 1.9 million. Impressive numbers for a console that’s almost two decades old. The PS3’s library continues to be in high demand, with fans hoping for emulation support of some sort in the absence of backwards compatibility.

Unfortunately, PS3 games are currently only available via streaming for PS Plus Premium members in select regions.

We won’t share the slide here for obvious reasons, but you can check it out over on Exputer.

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