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We’ve made it to Dec. 1. it’s time for us to come to our readers and help us kick off a season of giving.

The end-of-the-year membership campaign for The Educator’s Room and Education in Atlanta has officially begun today!

If you are already a paying member, an advertiser, or a Sponsor, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you’re one of the millions of folks who rely on us for accurate and accessible local news and opinion pieces from actual educators but haven’t yet become a member, this is your personal invitation to join today.

Right now, educators across America are struggling post-COVID.

No matter where you work, play, or live, educators are struggling with having an authentic voice at the table around education. They’re dealing with state legislation that penalizes teaching authentic history, polices what students read, and makes their local board of education the battleground for extreme politics.

In addition, in dealing with learning loss, the COVID pandemic exasperated apathy between students and parents is all too much for some. Not to mention parents struggling with how to help their children and community to make learning the focus.

And this is just the beginning of the crossroads many in education are currently feeling.

We need to amplify the actual practitioners in education for solutions, AND we need to bring back local news that focuses on education.

Who are we?

The good news is that The Educator’s Room and Education in Atlanta employs over 10+ educators and journalists to write and investigate educational stories.

We are a small, innovative newsroom with lots of heart and love for education that, for the last ten years, has made a big difference in education. Whether it’s from our Teacher Self-Care Conference, our books, and more- we are determined to keep education the “main thing.” Being a donor can help small businesses by…

  • Connecting readers with small businesses not only throughout the holiday season but year-round
  • Reporting on tough topics such as learning loss and increased violence in our schools
  • and more…

How can you help?

It’s simple. We cannot continue our level of service without support from you, our readers.

We need you to become a donor, and for the cost of a week of coffee at your local Starbucks, you can do just that.

Every donation goes to fund the reporting and editing you depend on us to provide on a daily basis directly.

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