Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 5-door SUV modified with G-Wagen style body kit is a head turner

Maruti Suzuki launched its all-new 4×4 SUV, the Jimny, in India earlier this year. We were the first to acquire the 5-door version of this SUV, which is popular in the international market. It’s a capable off-roader, and we’ve seen several online videos that prove its capabilities. Outside India, one of the most common types of modifications for the Jimny 3-door is the G-Wagen body kit. Custom-made kits are available that completely alter the car’s overall appearance. Similar kits are now available for the 5-door version as well, and Indian customers have already started these conversions. Here, we have one such Jimny 5-door that has been neatly converted into a G-Wagen with an aftermarket body kit.

The video has been uploaded by AJ_16_VLOG on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger showcases a modified Maruti Jimny that has been transformed to resemble a G-Wagen. Details regarding the conversion or body kit aren’t available, as the SUV was already modified when it arrived at the shop. As part of the conversion, the front grille, headlamps, headlamp cover, bumper, and fenders were all removed and replaced with aftermarket units.

The SUV is finished in White, a very common color for G-Wagens as well. Looking at the side profile, the owner of this SUV has swapped the stock 15-inch wheels for 17-inch alloy wheels similar to those on a G-Wagen, and also installed wider fenders, giving the SUV a muscular appearance. The faux bonnet scoop resembles the one found on the Brabus-tuned G-Wagen version. On the roof, there are a couple of faux vents or scoops finished in the body color.

jimny with G-wagen kit

The headlamp on this Jimny has been replaced with an aftermarket unit that features ring-type LED DRLs. A LED strip is visible on the lower part of the bumper. New footrests have been added, and the stock exhaust on the Jimny has also been modified to resemble the one seen on G63 AMGs, producing a sporty note as heard in this video. Moving to the rear, you’ll notice that the owner has updated the rear bumper and spare wheel cover, adding G-Wagen-style tail lamps and chrome-finished covers on the spare wheel. Additionally, a sporty spoiler has been mounted on the roof.

Moving to the interiors, these have also been customized. The Jimny typically comes with mostly black interiors, but the owner has opted for custom-made interiors finished in a shade of Blue. This shade complements the white exterior of the car. The door pads, steering wheel, and dashboard have all been wrapped in leatherette material. The stock touchscreen infotainment system has been replaced with an aftermarket one. Custom-made seat covers and customized pillars and roof liner have been installed as well. The Jimny with the G-Wagen kit and customized interior presents a distinctive look, and coupled with the aftermarket exhaust, stands out from the ones we’ve seen before. It’s definitely a crowd-puller. The video does not mention the price of the body kit or other modifications that was done to the car.

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