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With the rise in the number of vehicles on the road, the patience level among many drivers and riders has also decreased. We are witnessing an increase in the number of road accidents and road rage incidents. One city that frequently makes headlines for road rage incidents is Bengaluru. There have been several road rage incidents reported from this city. Here is another video showing a man on a Honda Dio scooter blocking the way of a car driver and threatening both the driver and the occupants in the car. Not only did he threaten the occupants, but he also broke the front windshield.

The video was shared by Ajit Ramesh on his Instagram page. He shared the video, mentioning that this incident happened to his friend recently in Bengaluru’s Kalyan Nagar. His friend was driving on a busy city road when a scooter rider decided to come from the wrong side. Not only was he riding on the wrong side, but he also abruptly cut in front of the car. The car driver wasn’t expecting the scooter rider to cut in front of him. He applied the brakes and managed to stop the car in time. The post mentions that the car didn’t hit the scooter at all.

For some reason, the local scooter rider took offense and decided to block the car driver’s way. The scooter rider walked to the driver’s side window and started threatening the car driver. The car driver took out his phone and began recording the entire incident. The windows were rolled up, and the driver didn’t exit the car. The rider, frustrated for some reason, stopped in front of the car again while walking back and attempted to lift the bonnet. Failing to damage the bonnet, the rider became even more frustrated and finally smashed the car’s windshield with his hand.

Honda Dio rider damaging car

After breaking the glass, he returned to his scooter, rode away, and the audio from the car isn’t available as the phone was connected to the car’s Bluetooth system. This isn’t the first time such an incident has been reported in Bengaluru. The driver reported the incident to the nearest police station, and we hope the cops catch the culprit soon. The scooter rider was clearly at fault here, riding on the wrong side of the road, causing a traffic jam and inconvenience to others. Moreover, the scooter rider wasn’t wearing a helmet. It is not clear whether the car driver noted down the registration number of the scooter as it is not visible clearly in the video shared.

Road rage incidents are increasing in India. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never engage with the other party as things can escalate quickly. If you’re in a car, don’t open the door or roll down the window. When facing such issues in an unknown or new place, the best way to handle it is by calling the police. In most cases, Bengaluru police have tracked down the culprits and taken action against them in such cases.

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