God of War Ragnarok Story Isn’t Done Yet, Writer Teases

A senior writer at Santa Monica Studio has teased that there’s more to God of War Ragnarok‘s story even after the Valhalla DLC. The tweet has sparked all sorts of speculations about what’s being hinted at.

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC serves as an epilogue to the story

As previously mentioned, the Valhalla DLC is an epilogue to Ragnarok’s story. Senior writer Orion Walker took to Twitter to suggest that its ending isn’t all that there is to it. “You really think the [Valhalla] credits are the end of the story? C’mon now.” Walker wrote.

Whether Walker is teasing more story content or a third entry to wrap up the story that began in 2018 is anybody’s guess. He could, of course, be referring to Valhalla itself as the DLC seems to be packing some secrets.

Separately, game director Mihir Sheth mentioned an endgame challenge in Valhalla that no one on the dev team has beaten yet. The challenge is only available after credits roll.

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla released yesterday to very positive reviews from players. The roguelike mode has players taking down a variety of enemies as Kratos over multiple runs, each offering unique challenges.

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