BMW X7 luxury SUV comes to the rescue

Driving on the beach is extremely tricky, and if you don’t do it right, the chances of getting your vehicle stuck are pretty high. We’ve seen several videos and images in the past where people have actually made fools of themselves by driving on the beach without any experience. Some of them even parked their vehicles near the seashore, only to find them stuck in the sand later. Here, we have a similar incident from Maharashtra, where a Mahindra Scorpio got stuck in the sand on a beach and was rescued by a BMW X7 luxury SUV.

The video has been shared by Avinash Bhamare on their YouTube channel. According to the video, the Mahindra Scorpio was stuck on Ganpatipule beach in Maharashtra. When the video starts, the Mahindra Scorpio is already stuck in the sand. How the driver managed to do it is still not known. The rear wheels of the Scorpio were stuck deep in the sand, and it looked like the tide was also rising.

The Scorpio driver attempted to get the SUV out using logs lying around on the beach, but that was of no use. The Mahindra Scorpio seen here was probably the 2WD version, which made things even more challenging. We have seen several examples in the past where even the 4×4 SUVs have gotten stuck on beach sand. After several failed attempts, it looks like a BMW X7 luxury SUV driver decided to help them. The Mahindra Scorpio was tied to the rear of the BMW X7 using a rope. There were locals or probably tourists who were visiting the beach, observing the stuck Scorpio and watching how it was recovered.

Scorpio rescued by X7

As seen in the video, the rear of the Scorpio was completely buried in sand. The BMW X7 is a luxury SUV that comes with a powerful engine and an xDrive AWD system. The X7 slowly pulls the rope, creating tension. The X7 driver’s first attempt was to slowly pull the Scorpio out. However, that did not work as the sand was too wet, and the car started losing traction. The X7 driver then drove the car in reverse slightly and pulled the Scorpio with some power, successfully freeing the SUV from the sand. All the onlookers started clapping after they saw the SUV get rescued.

The majority of beaches in India are not suitable for driving. In fact, it is actually illegal to drive on the beach. There is only one beach in India where you can legally drive a vehicle on the beach. Even on this beach, there have been instances where people got their vehicles stuck when they tried to drive too close to the water. Driving on sand is extremely tricky, especially when it is not hard. Saltwater is extremely bad for vehicles. It can easily damage some parts in the car and corrode some of the metal parts. If you ever drive a car on the beach, get your car washed at a service center as soon as you get out. Also, experience matters a lot. If you are not confident about driving on loose sand, it is always a good idea to avoid it.

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