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After the release of Animal, a section of the audience criticised the Sandeep Vanga Reddy film for violence, volatile protagonist, toxic masculinity, and bold content. Now, an old video of actor Aamir Khan talking against sex and violence in films has emerged online. In the clip, he said that these emotions are ‘very easy to provoke the audience’. (Also Read | Ram Gopal Varma reviews Animal: ‘When Ranbir Kapoor comes back with a machine gun, that moment is a cinematic gem’)

After Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal’s release, an old video of Aamir Khan has emerged online.

Aamir on use of sex, violence in films

In the clip, Aamir said, “There are a few emotions jo bohut easy hote hain audience mein provoke karne k liye (that are very easy to provoke the audience with). These emotions are violence is one of them and sex is another. These are two emotions which are most easy to provoke in a human being. If the directors are not so talented in creating a story, in showing emotions and creating situations, they (tend to) depend heavily on violence and sex to make their films work.”

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Aamir had said such content harms society

He also added, “They think, ‘If we add a lot of sex and violence in films then it will be successful’. To me, it is wrong thinking. They might be successful by doing this but it harms society very much. And I think that’s very wrong. I think we are morally responsible, those of us who are working in the medium of cinema. They are definitely, if not to a large extent, to a certain extent responsible. The audience and youngsters who watch our film, there is an impact on them…I’m not saying, ‘There should be no violence in films’. It depends on the subject. There are ways of showing it.”

About Animal

The crime drama shows a violent world set against the backdrop of a troubled relationship between Ranbir Kapoor’s Ranvijay Singh and his father Balbir Singh, played by Anil Kapoor. Animal also features Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, Triptii Dimri, Shakti Kapoor, Suresh Oberoi and Prem Chopra. Since its release on Friday, the film has received polarising reactions from critics and audiences.

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